A Spot of Afternoon Chai?


“Where there’s tea there’s hope” said Arthur Wing Pinero. What would he have made of our Afternoon Chai? We are more than sure he would have enjoyed a regular spot of decadence with the Prana interpretation of afternoon tea; where good food, good drink and good company are our everyday.

Presented on an exceptional wooden stand, our Afternoon Chai takes you on a journey designed to tantalise and satisfy. The very first of its kind in Scotland, the masterpiece harnesses the talents of our exceptional pastry chef, bar staff and service team, showcasing the very finest of canapes, matched perfectly with tea, prosecco, cocktail or gin tea. All created beautifully for two people to enjoy. Or one, if you just can’t help yourself.

Whilst the concept of Afternoon Chai is unique, afternoon tea as a whole is fairly new to Corstorphine, our location on the outskirts of Edinburgh city centre. Although we enjoy the company of Mimi’s Bakehouse, who offer a traditional afternoon tea, we were keen as always to offer something out-of-the-ordinary. With that in mind, our canapes enjoy a distinctly unusual blend of flavours.

Enjoy Harissa Feta Smoked Salmon Wraps, Chicken Tikka Tacos with Avocado Mousse, Pulled Chicken Sliders and more. Did we mention sweet treats? Indulge in Plain and Fruit scones, Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing, Coconut Lime Panna Cotta. The list goes on. Wash the delightful selection of treats down with a hot cup of chai or an ice-cold glass of fizz. Don’t say we do things by halves.

As the seasons change, so too does our offering. Our festive Afternoon Chai has proven to be hugely popular, with little touches of Christmas added to the stand. In the height of summer, we see the platter being enjoyed with cool cocktails; friends and family gathering to enjoy this most traditional of ceremonies.

And whilst fusion flavours may be a new concept, tradition is very much at the heart of our afternoon tea offering. It brings people together, to enjoy good food and drink but, most importantly, the company of each other. Over the past year we have been very much isolated. Our Afternoon Chai is an opportunity to come together and celebrate each other. And eat. Don’t forget the eating.

Prices start from £16.00 for a traditional option including berry fruit, zesty lemon roobos, early grey  and the all-important chai (all produced by Jenier Teas) rising to £23.50 for a gin tea for two. Importantly, we can cater for all dietary requirements including gluten free, vegan and those with allergies.

Our interpretation of the afternoon tea is unusual, but the ceremony associated with it is not. Let us indulge you and the ones you love. Let us treat you to the flavours of India and Scotland combined and showcase the exceptional service we are so renowned for.

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Our Afternoon Chai is also available as a gift voucher – the perfect gift, please call 0131 334 9998.

Absolutely phenomenal service

Delicious food (I highly recommend the monk fish starter!!) The staff are friendly and you can tell the manager and his colleagues care deeply about the experience you as a diner have. The cocktails are brilliant and there was an indian whisky sour beverage that will knock your socks off!

John Seatter 22 January 2021

Magnificent place!

Staff attentive and the food is just amazing! We had afternoon tea for my husband’s birthday well worth it and so reasonably priced. Thank you

Paula Neilson 23 January 2021

will definitely be back

Amazing, never had Indian afternoon tea before today and all I have wanted all afternoon is more. Will definitely be back the service was also very efficient and pleasant atmospher. Great Value for money

Kelly 0 23 January 2021