Breath, Considered as a life-giving force.
Is Not Breath.
Is the creator of breath.

Here at Prahna Edinburgh, Not Only is it Our Aim to take your breath away with our authentic cuisine but to create a whole new experience for you to share with family and friends.

Our restaurant has been specially designed to channel the essence of the Prahna into a unique dining experience. Our beautiful blossom tree signifies a time of renewal, taking us into this new chapter of our journey. The peacock symbolises our pride to serve you the finest locally sourced ingredients, bringing to life all of your favourite past time dishes with a new Scottish twist. We have purposely installed dark wood throughout to represent longevity and create an ambience of warmth and love through our golden colour palette.

Realise your true nature with Prahna.

Exquisite Menus

We have a menu to suit any taste or occasion…

Absolutely phenomenal service

Delicious food (I highly recommend the monk fish starter!!) The staff are friendly and you can tell the manager and his colleagues care deeply about the experience you as a diner have. The cocktails are brilliant and there was an indian whisky sour beverage that will knock your socks off!

John Seatter 22 January 2021

Magnificent place!

Staff attentive and the food is just amazing! We had afternoon tea for my husband’s birthday well worth it and so reasonably priced. Thank you

Paula Neilson 23 January 2021

will definitely be back

Amazing, never had Indian afternoon tea before today and all I have wanted all afternoon is more. Will definitely be back the service was also very efficient and pleasant atmospher. Great Value for money

Kelly 0 23 January 2021